Wednesday, October 05, 2011


there is NO title that fits today, and because NOBODY reads my blog, I am free to type with, well, FREEDOM!

So, we have lived in Fort Worth with D and M for 5 MONTHS!!!! Unbelievable, and how God has blessed our time here. Not with EASE but with GREAT purpose and confidence as Jonathan pursues his dream, as we live with the Biz's, and adventure along in this new area.

Praying NOW specifically as
David is working really TOO hard ( maybe obsessively) as he teaches 8th graders.
Malaya is growing into an Almost Teen, and the muddy waters of no longer being a little girl AND taking responsibility... YIKES!

Finally, a precious Christian family has been walking through fire since last night... Jennifer Ogle is a precious woman of faith and our Jocelyn's 3 year old teacher. She left school yesterday with a beautiful smile on her face, but last night her husband Jason was undergoing surgery because of an aortic tear. He has bled continuously and remains critical.

Lord of LIFE, we ask that you breathe life into Jason, pour peace onto Jennifer and into the hearts of his son and daughter. May YOU, the perfect Healer, be praised!

Thursday, September 29, 2011


The month of September has FLOWN!!!
Some big events in our world....
Jed has begun his Sport Career. He plays T ball for the Pirates! HILARIOUS
Laura and Justin are expecting A BABY in April!!!!!! I love being an aunt, but this will be EXTRA special to watch her preganancy and enter the mommy-hood
We bought a NEW CAR!!!!! Such fun. It is a "Santa Fe"... my kids LOVE it, maybe because that 1st word reminds them Christmas is coming!!!!!
We have a DOG... okay, just temporarily, but Molly has been on vacation here with us for nearly 2 weeks.... she WILL need a vacation after she's been worn out by Jed/ Joc!!
I am LOVING working at Southlake Christian Preschool,
even with 2 year olds!
even with an outbreak of HAND-Foot- Mouth
even though I sign up for EVERY chance to work and be there,
and my kids think we should live there!
I have been reminded it is ONLY a PART TIME job.
to put our family first rather than the making of a few bucks,
and to enjoy this last year before REAL school starts!!!!
Ironically, as I feel more settled here and enjoy making relationships, I miss my "old friends" even more. I think I realize the shallowness all friendships begin with, and it makes me miss the depth and ease with some special people I enjoyed in Houston.
Finally, with SUCH a long hot summer, I am ready for real FALL, I think the storm tonight may have finished off our final over 100 heat wave! Hooray!!!!


Thursday, August 11, 2011

Back to School~~

So, when I started this blog, I was teaching at Taylor Elementary, doing speech therapy, and a just a few weeks, I will "re-enter" the education world working at Southlake Christian preschool on Tuesdays and Thursdays. OK... so it is VERY part-time, but that is just perfect for me! I am thrilled to have the job, a place for my children to attend, and the opportunity to make new relationships in this area. And just a little nervous :) We stopped by the school to meet the other teachers of 2s, who are all GREAT! and Jed was having a fantastic time there, with the other "big boys" and did not want to leave!!! I am just not ready to call him a BIG BOY yet...

Jocelyn warmed up to the idea but is still set on the idea of being in Mommy's class! THE LADYBUGS, but she will be a Turtle with Ms. Kristi and (yet another) Ms. Jennifer !!!!

We are feeling good about continuing preschool and waiting a year before REAL school changes our lives, and paticularly our SCHEDULE!!! Though we don't know exactly where we will land permanently when we decide to buy a house, I want to commit to developing friendships.

Finally, Jonathan is LOVING FireSCHOOL, and will finish this training section in 2 weeks:) and all the while he has had PLENTY of opportunities to use his gifts as a worship minister. Also, his contenment and joy even on ALL these 100 DEGREE days in training, has been absolutely AMAZING truly a gift from the LORD. The LORD has brought us here for such a time as this, and is blessing our family as we look to HIM wherever we are!

Tuesday, August 09, 2011

houston to fort worth

OK, I am well over a year since a post, but no time like the present!!!

So, we moved tp the Fort Worth area April 24th and Jonathan began training to become a firefighter with the DFW airport the next day. His job is definitely different, but his heart for God and his committment to love our family and serve others is stronger than ever.

One week ago, August 3rd we sold our home there and spent the week before packing EVERYTHING we own and enjoying some very precious friends that are totally irreplaceable.

Even still, I am excited about the new adventure here, including making new friends, though not to replace the old, but just to add to the journey in which I definitely value having girlfriends to walk alongside and learn from...

and of course... my little darlings are growing SO quickly 5 and 3!!!! What happened to my little babies.... they are growing, learning and even gaining independence...YIKES

Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Never the same

so if ANYONE still reads this blog, I know anything I say is old news. However, I am hoping an opportunity to write will help me keep track of where we are on this journey. I am in Keller staying with David and Malaya, as we look forward to a Big birthday for an amazing 10 year old. The past two months have been a journey no one deserves, but the only words of hope are knowing we are not alone. So just as Malaya has done, I am going to remember Jenny by reminding myself of a few things from the thousands that made Jenny such an amazing woman:
1. her loyalty
2. her commitent to others
3. her devotion to David
4. her ability to make things happen: plan a party, reorganize a house
5. her daily decision to love the Lord
6. her love for children
7. the way she taught, loved and mothered Malaya

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Fathers Day

this blogs for you... you really are a great father, far greater than you are willing to give yourself credit for. So, here are just a few of the things that I can remember to add to your FANTASTIC FATHER list...
you take care of me AND the kids (when I am helpless and have the yucky stuff)
you are just the man I want Jed's little feet to follow
you are already teaching Jocelyn that she is a princess
you love to laugh and play with all 4 of us together
you read from the Adventure Bible better than anyone I know
you pick up all our little darlings crumbs from under the table, and I don't even have to ask
there are so many more, nut

Thursday, December 25, 2008


Look at that cute face!!!

You can't miss those bright eyes & precious dimple!!!

Mom, Laura and I all smiles on CHRISTMAS DAY!

Our fam TRYING to get both Jed and Joc to look at the camera!

Jed played with his play kitchen from SANTA all day long!

So, I am actually adding pictures on the big day (and not months later).

So here are the little darlings...